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Shanghai Toy Fair 2016

| 2016 October 26

Blog Iris Bonhof at the Shanghai Toy Fair Last week I had an impressive week during the Shanghai Toy Fair. It was a week of meeting new people from all over the world, big dinners in 5 stars hotels, a lot of animations and toys and for me the most important one: my presentation! Tuesday 18th of October On Tuesday morning me and some of my colleagues went to Shanghai to prepare everything for the Toy Fair which started at Wednesday. At two in the afternoon we arrived at the Exhibition Hall which is one of the biggest of the world. It was immense what the Chinese people were building. They built...

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Did you know?

| 2016 May 17

Did you know… The developers of Educo game materials attach great importance to safety. All Educo products must meet strict safety requirements, if they want to be labelled as “safe”. Comprehensive test reports are available for each game. When the reports of all materials are laid out after each other, you’ll have a line of more than 3 kilometres. Did you know… The versatility within the Educo product range is huge. Did you know that Educo can cover the entire curriculum through play? Educo has developed a game for each objective that children have to achieve. This really makes learning fun! Did you know… When the Educo product development team...

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Experts warn starting school too young harms learning, wellbeing

| 2016 May 09

“Children in Australia start school younger than almost anywhere else in the developed world, up to two years ahead of students in top-performing countries such as Finland and Korea. Experts say the early transition could be detrimental to the learning and wellbeing of students, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds. In a major international study of 15-year-olds in 2012, 58 per cent of Australian students reported they started primary school at the age of five, 27 per cent started at six, and 3 per cent at seven. Twelve per cent were aged four. The average starting age among Australians was 5.2-years-old, which was lower than most developed countries and similar to...

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Product review: A different view

| 2016 March 23

  Description game manual The children take it in turns to pick a card and put it in the correct place on the board. These cards fit into slots on the board. On the board you can see a view from above of a playground with children playing. The playground equipment is shaped as famous buildings such as Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, etc. On the cards are views that the children need to place down. They have to understand how you view something from above and how it looks from each side. When all the cards have been played, then control strips must be placed next to the board. The...

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Review: Magnetic? Yes or no

| 2016 February 17

On wij-spelen.nl, you can find reviews of developmental materials. Wij-spelen.nl shows you which materials can really help your child develop. Wij-spelen.nl is part of leren.nl, which is an educational knowledge platform. This review is about Magnetic? Yes or no.   523275 Magnetic? Yes or no   Review: Magnetic? Yes or no by: Maria Korpershoek Teacher and Specialist “Young Children”   Information: Ages: 4-7 Number of players: 1-2 Brand: Educo Play time: 10-20 minutes   Rating: Educative: 4/5 Fun: 3/5 Differentiation: 3/5 Challenging: 5/5 Strategy: 1/5 Creativity: 3/5 Replay value: 3/5   Contents A lacquered wooden box with 16 small wooden compartments that can contain objects. The box can be closed...

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Product tip

| 2016 January 25

Animal Doku Challenging and fun Animal Doku is a happy game that challenges young children. Animal Doku is based on the classic game Sudoku. It teaches children logical reasoning, visual discrimination, and – most importantly – perseverance. Animal Doku can provide a challenge to all children, because it gradually increases in difficulty. The game guarantees many hours of fun! Artikle number: 523335

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Introducing new products

| 2016 January 28

During the Toy Fair we show all our new products. The products will be available soon. View our new Educo products online in our new products brochure   A selection of our new Educo products: Hollow Letter Shapes Learning to write includes two different kinds of movement. First of all children have to learn to reproduce the form. Secondly, they have to learn to handle the instrument of writing. These Hollow Letter Shapes are a perfect preparation to get the movements of writing carried out in a very exact manner and will be a great help for children to develop their writing skills. Item Number: 005600   Write and Wipe Practise hand-eye coordination and prewriting skills with Write and wipe. ...

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Educo product in the spotlight

| 2015 June 22

Cooperative learning is fun and easy with these games Learning with and from each other…. Working together is an important skill in every child’s life. To get around in current society you must be able to communicate with others. Besides the interaction between child and teacher, the interaction between children themselves is just as important. Maybe even more important! We believe that cooperative learning is a perfect way to practice this skill.  With the three items below children are actively involved in the subject material. By speaking, listening and discussing their activities the subject material gets more meaning. Meanwhile they practice their communication. LACE TOGETHER Whilst practicing their fine motor...

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Clear guidelines for learning and instruction

| 2015 January 20

The Educo team develops productmanuals to support educators with their teaching tasks. These manuals feature a brand-new layout. Every manual explains the gameplay in three clear steps and provides additional suggestions. The suggestions enhances the versatility of use of our materials.    

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Quote of the month

| 2016 January 28

“Wonder is the seed of knowledge” Francis Bacon, English philosopher, statesman and essayist

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