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One of the most popular games in the classroom

Product tip: Wooden domino set

Product tip: Wooden domino set

The wooden domino set

The Wooden domino set is a durable game that can be played in many different ways. When children finish building a domino track, then they can release the marble on the track and hope that all dominoes will fall. Children can build virtually any track imaginable, and the different objects make the game challenging and exciting.

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Product review: Kralo

In my classroom, Kralo is one of the children’s favorite materials. In fact, we don’t even have to put the materials away – they are constantly in use! When children enter the classroom in the morning, they often choose Kralo first. Every day, I try to come up with new assignments for the children. I sometimes come up with new ideas myself, but I also use Pinterest for inspiration.

Making your own designs

What could be more fun than experimenting with Kralo? The teacher can suggest a theme, but you can also give the children free rein to come up with their own topics. This allows children to design things that they are interested in. For instance, five-year-old Sem made a Minion. When he showed his Minion to the other children, they were very proud of him and also wanted to make a Minion. This was harder than they thought, because Sem’s Minion turned out to have a few flaws. We then used the KP designer app to create an assignment card. Now the whole group could make a Minion!

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Cooperative learning

Cooperative learning is a hot topic. It is more than just working together. More specifically, if we ask children to learn cooperatively, we expect them to discuss the assignments and help each other out. Children can explain information to each other, for example. Recent studies show that cooperative learning is an effective way to develop cognitive and social skills. It stimulates a child to learn actively, develop cognitive abilities, solve problems, integrate and apply knowledge, and verbalize thoughts. Educo offers a variety of materials that stimulate cooperative learning. The Together series and the games Talk together, Lace together, and Build together are exemplary of Educo’s dedication to cooperative learning.​

Product review: Talk together

Guest review by Anke

What is it?

Talk together can be played by two children simultaneously. They sit opposite to each other at a table. In between the children, there is a talking sheet. Both children have four magnets in four different colors. The children can now give each other orders, such as: “Place the red magnet on the red butterfly.” They can then both try to complete the assignment. The two magnets will only stick to the sheet when both children carry out the assignment correctly.


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