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Classicant I (large)

The objective of Classicant is to teach children between the ages of 2 and 5 to learn to classify objects. This entails grouping objects in specific ways such as by colour, shape and size. The objects are two-and three-dimensional. Classicant consists of two boxes, one with large objects (Classicant I) and one with small objects (Classicant II). The objects in each box are identical, except for their size. There are four coloured lids on each box that are also used as game boards. The opposite side of each lid is white. Contents: 16 three-dimensional shapes (cubes, cylinders, three-sided prisms and four-sided prisms) in four colours, 16 two-dimensional shapes (squares, circles, rectangles and triangles) in four colours. These items are larger in size than those in Classicant II. When playing as a game, the box and lids serve as templates for the blocks. The children can build and sort the shapes into the boxes by fitting them through the openings on the lids (game boards). When used as a development tool, the children can classify the objects according to colour, shape or size. The boxes and the lids provide a means of verification. By experimenting and exploring in this way, they will discover the system inherent in the materials. Classicant becomes a teaching aid when the teacher gives the children clear hints to help them learn the features of the material. All possibilities with these materials can be found in the instructions. Author: Dr. Jef J. van Kuyk

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Classicant I (large)
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