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Comparant helps children learn through play: by comparing quantities (more, less), by counting to five and to ten, by working with a matrix and by doing simple mathematic exercises (addition-subtraction). Contents: a box with cover (32 x 32 x 9 cm). The cover also serves as the matrix, containing 20 chips – 10 red and 10 yellow, 20 geese, 20 houses, 20 people, 20 trees, 5 cards with pictures, comparison strips, 2 number strips, 20 cards with dots: one to ten structured and one to ten unstructured, 20 number cards: 2 sets of one to ten, 4 “+” signs, 4 “-” signs, 3 “>” signs, 4 “=” signs, 3 comparison cards, printed on both sides, 10 exercise cards, printed on both sides, instructions. All possibilities with these materials are described in the instructions. Author: Dr. Jef J. van Kuyk

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