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Serio is designed to teach pre-school children between the ages of two and four how to put three-dimensional objects with features such as size, thickness, length, height and width into series. Serio can be played as a game where children are free to play as they wish. It is also used as a development tool. The teacher can also help the children individually discover the system inherent in Serio. It is also used as a teaching aid where the teacher shows the children how to discover the inherent system in a direct manner. The latter is particularly important for children who have difficulty with self-discovery and taking initiative. Contents: 6 wooden tablets (29.5 x 21 x 1 cm) with cutouts for the objects below, 30 three-dimensional objects: 5 spheres, from large to small, 5 discs, from large to small, 5 cylinders, from thick to thin, 5 rods, from long to short, 5 prisms, form high to low, 5 prisms, from wide to narrow, instructions. This also includes a set of 6 exercise cards (A4), printed on one side showing the completed flat surface of the objects and an outline representing the flat surface on the other. This set is available separately. There are many possibilities with this beautiful material. You will find these in the instructions. Author: Dr. Jef J. van Kuyk.

  • 393901 Serio, Presentation tray, per piece
  • 394001 Serio, Wooden board with 5 cylinders
  • 394002 Serio, Wooden board with 5 discs
  • 394003 Serio, Wooden board with 5 prisms wide/narrow
  • 394004 Serio, Wooden board with 5 prisms high/low
  • 394005 Serio, Wooden board with 5 rods
  • 394006 Serio, Wooden board with 5 spheres
  • 394010 Serio, Set of 6 exercise cards

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