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Ministry of Education in Lebanon attracted by the quality of Educo

| 5 March 2018
For the first time in Lebanon, we had the launching of Edex Fair and the main booth in the fair was for the Ministry of Education where they exposed their achieved projects. With pride, our products were occupying a nice space of their booth and the press was filming and taking pictures. Read more

Educationall at 2017 Shanghai Toy Fair

| 31 October 2017
New products and EEG curriculum Edussentials were launched during the show. CEO Mr. Jan de Jonge, Board of Directors Mr. Peter Handstein, Ms. Sabine Handstein together with all the European Educational experts attended the fair to celebrate this together. Read more

Why emotions are integral to learning

| 13 September 2017
Rather, we all have good and bad days; moments of excitement, engagement, and inspiration and moments of disappointment, disengagement, and frustration; afternoons just before vacation and mornings just after; some skills and topics that we find interesting and some that we don’t. These differences influence how children learn and how teachers teach; they even affect what students know at a given time. Read more

Help children manage their own emotions

| 13 September 2017
To respond in caring ways to the emotions of others, children first need to be able to cope with their own feelings. Research by Nancy Eisenberg and her colleagues at Arizona State University shows that young children who become overwhelmed by their own feelings when they see someone in distress are less likely to try to help other people. It seems like their own upset crowds out their compassion. Read more