Life cycle

Life cycle

Learn about the life cycle of humans, plants and animals. Place a series of 5 picture cards in the correct order in the holder and turn it around for a self-check.

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This set contains the entire life cycle, including death. The self-check is made in a way that if desired this step can also be omitted. As a result, the cards may lead to a conversation about death and the concomitant emotions.

The cards may also be used for nature education. In nature, a butterfly or other insect sometimes gets caught in a spider web and some animals hunt other animals. Some animals prefer eating fruit and vegetables. Flowers need water to survive, but nevertheless have a short life cycle. The wasp loves sweet smells and is therefore attracted to lemonade. Unfortunately for the wasp, this usually does not end well. Farmers plant seeds that produce food, but you can also plant seeds yourself in a (small) vegetable garden!

The series contain the life cycles of a human, a dog, a wasp, a butterfly, a frog, a bird, a flower, a carrot, an apple and of rice.

2 wooden holders (10 x 14.5 x 33 cm)
50 plastic picture cards (7 x 6 cm)
wooden box (33.5 x 22.5 x 7 cm)

Brand Educo
Minimum age 5 years