Magic phonics

Interactive wooden stamps for learning English
| 23 January 2018
Magic phonics
Magic phonics

Magic Phonics is an educational tool, made of connected wooden blocks which interact with tablets.

A dedicated app introduces letter/sound correspondences leading to reading skills.

CONTENT: The box contains 49 blocks

A free downloadable app
A dedicated app introduces grapheme/ phoneme correspondences leading to reading skills. For native and non-native children.

What is in the app?

This app contains:

  • 18 learning sequences to learn phonics step by step
  • 150 words to work with
  • Learning activities to develop phonemic awareness, enrich vocabulary, build the fundamentals of writing and reading

What curriculum is Magic Phonics based on?

Magic Phonics is based on the Early Years Foundation stage of the UK curriculum with a particular emphasis on phases two and three. Magic Phonics follows the scope and sequence recommended in the official document: Letters and Sounds: Principles and Practice of High Quality Phonics for the Early Years Foundation Stage.

How does it work?
Our wooden blocks work with the body’s static electricity, which makes them 100% electricity and battery-free! The sensors creating interaction with the tablet are made from flexible material, intended to prevent damage to the tablet screen.
Compatible with all iPads including iPad mini, except iPad 1 and many Android tablets (Samsung, Lenovo, Asus). Please find the full list on:

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