Nomido - smart maths

Nomido - smart maths

Who will be the first to use up all their stones? Look at the numbers on the stones at the end. Do you have a stone with two numbers that allow you to make the correct addition, subtraction, division, or multiplication? Then you may place that stone. The first player to use up all their stones is the winner! Practice various basic arithmetic operations, enhance strategic thinking, problem-solving skills, and cooperative mathematical abilities.

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With this game, you can practice smooth addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Additionally, it enhances strategic and problem-solving thinking and stimulates the development of cooperative mathematical skills. Each player takes the correct number of dominoes. The player with the stone that has the highest double numbers (for example, 5 & 5) may start. Then each player takes turns trying to find a sum with the number on the outer side of the row of stones. If you can make a sum, you may place the stone. If you can't, you pick up a stone from the table.

Play the game with two or three players. With two players, you take 7 stones each; with three players, you take 6 stones each. Make the game even more challenging by adding extra rules. Read all about the game rules and additional game variations in the manual.

Educo Nomido contains:

48 dominoes in a storage bag

Brand Educo