Puzzles come to life with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality enriches reality by mixing it with a virtual reality.
| 12 October 2017
Puzzles come to life with Augmented Reality
Puzzles come to life with Augmented Reality

Anyone working with young children will make use of puzzles in his teaching or activities. Puzzles are fun and very suitable for practicing certain learning objectives, such as extending vocabulary and practicing fine motor skills. With Augmented Reality, Heutink International has added an extra dimension to its existing set of Power Puzzles.

How does an AR puzzle work?
After the child has opened the corresponding app on his tablet, he simply selects the desired puzzle. He then removes all the pieces from the frame in order to scan the underlying marking. These markings can also be downloaded, for when you already have Power Puzzles without them. After the marking has been scanned, the tablet can be put aside. The puzzle now has to be finished in the usual way. So after learning by acting (by means of completing the puzzle) then follows being rewarded (by means of the AR-component). When finished, the puzzle can be scanned with the tablet. The puzzle then instantly comes to live and simple additional activities appear, that fit the topic of the puzzle. The exercises are available in Dutch, English and Spanish.

When will AR be available?
The puzzles and the app are available as from now. The puzzles (containing 24 to 35 pieces) are available separately and in a set of 4. The free app will run on both iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded both in the App Store and in Google Play Store, under the name 'Power puzzle'. For compatibility of your iPad (Air or higher), please check the App Store. For compatibility of your Android tablet, please check Google Play Store.

Learn more?
Learn more about the Augmented Reality? Do you have any questioins how to instell? Please, get in contact with one of our Export managers or our customer service, we will be happy to help you.