Although all our games have clear goals, there is so much more you can do with them. More suggestions on what you can do with Educo games are given here.

Get more out of Educo

Get more out of… Verti-blocks

| 12 October 2017
Improve hand-eye coordination, spatial reasoning and fine motor skills. Explain the use of a floor plan. Ask the toddlers to create a floor plan of their own bedroom in the lid of a shoebox. Can they locate their bed, wardrobe, table, etc. (Analyzing) Read more

Get more out of… Tello

| 12 October 2017
Let the toddlers try to copy the dice images with the caps. The highest number on a dice is six. Can the children come up with patterns for the numbers seven, eight, and nine? (Creating, analyzing) Read more

Get more out of… Rings and sticks

| 12 October 2017
Create figures of the assignment cards with the rings and sticks or create your own figure. Use the cards, but ask the toddlers to come up with their own ideas. For instance, can they make railway wagons to go with the locomotive? Or can they create a hat for the head? (Creating) Read more