What is missing - 4 seasons

Which of the objects shown on the assignment strip cannot be found on the theme sheet? The theme is the 4 seasons, whereby the same house and family is displayed in 4 different seasons. Children learn to recognize and name the seasons. They sort the matching objects and exclude what does not match. 

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Article number: 900000126
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The assignment strips build up in level of difficulty. Level 1 contains images that can be found in their entirety on the theme sheet. Level 2 consists of images that can be partly found on the theme sheets, for example a scooter that is pictured in its entirety on the assignment strip, but is partly hidden behind a tree on the theme sheet. Level 3 consists of images that appear on the theme sheet but finding them is more difficult because they are pictured smaller or in a different shape. For example, the grey cat is pictured in its entirety on the assignment strip, but on the theme sheet he is hiding in a bunch of leaves, so you can only see his tail. 

Put a chip on the found images to remember which ones are done. The transparent cards with an x on them are put on images that are not on the theme sheet. Flip the assignment strip to verify. 

This product scores high in both math and language skills. The sorting and excluding and the season (time) theme are part of math skills. The theme sheets can also be used as story cards. What difference make the seasons in the house, the garden and the family? What other things do you see? 


  • 4 plastic theme sheets (20 x 20 cm) 
  • 12 plastic assignment strips (30 x 6 cm)
  • 12 transparent plastic cards with x (6 x 6 cm) 
  • 50 plastic chips 
  • instruction manual 
  • wooden box (33.5 x 22.5 x 7 cm) 

Brand Educo
Minimum age 3 years