''Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all''.

Welcome to the world of Educo: a colourful world full of playful learning, new ideas, and challenging educational games. In this world, there is plenty of time and attention for the development of every single child. Children instinctively learn when they play. Through play, children gain valuable experiences that allow them to grow and develop. Acquired by Heutink in 2001, Educo provides play-based learning through active hands-on products that inspire growth and success in children aged 4-6 years.

The world of Educo

  • Play, learn, life

    For children, playing is a natural approach to learn about themselves, their friends, and their communities. Playing enriches the building of cognitive skill and helps the development of creativity, problem solving, communication, and social skills. Playing lays the foundation for further learning in daily life.

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  • History

    Educo was founded in 1982 by Wim Kronenburg and his brother in law Ton van den Berg. They started with the development and production of innovative learning materials for preschool education, special needs education, and toy libraries.

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  • Made with care

    In our factories, craftsmanship is the keyword. We have 3 production facilities: one in the Netherlands, one in Sri Lanka and one in China. All 3 of them have a lot of experience in making educational products.

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  • A Heutink brand

    Educo is one of the brands developed and produced by Heutink International. Throughout the world, Heutink International provides the very best educational brands that are geared towards learning through play.

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