Verti-fix - build from 2D to 3D

Turn a 2D example into a 3D structure! With Verti-fix, you practice building in three dimensions using task cards with complete building examples or just height numbers. Or come up with your own creation. The blocks easily click together.

Educo Verti-fix – build from from 2D to 3D contains:

  • 175 blocks in 6 colors

  • 9 task cards, double-sided printed

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Article number: 900000175
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With Verti-fix, you learn to construct three-dimensional structures based on a model or height numbers. Since the model on the task card only displays one side, you are challenged to accurately recreate the non-visible side with limited information. The task card with height numbers teaches you to translate an abstract floor plan into a 3D structure. In addition to spatial building, you also learn to use spatial concepts and practice fine motor skills.

The game is also suitable for playing in pairs. Build together on the same structure or create a structure based on your teammate's instructions.

Brand Educo