Language play

Encourage children the become storytellers and capable readers
Language play Educo - explanation
Language education means to communicate with each other, to react to another person and to cooperate. The children recognise: if they can communicate individually they will stay capable of acting and can become an equal partner in a dialogue. The communication is part of different experimental environments, in games, structured play and free play. During negotiation processes (for example when children want to decide on rules together), the children learn to find arguments for their own positions. Like this they recognise very fast that there is an effect by talking. Moreover the language can become a game itself by thinking of fantasy words, during role play or while imagine stories together. The children learn to distinguish between their own wishes and need and to recognize the effect of non-verbal communication through facial expression, body language or sign language.

Learning objectives Language play:

  • Vocabulary

    Vocabulary is all about the pronunciation of words. The main goal for children is to understand the meaning of words and to use them in a correct way in a conversation.

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  • Communication

    Communication is all about revealing your thoughts and feelings through expression. The main goal for children is to exchange information with others in a meaningful way.

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  • Discrimination

    Discrimination consists of Auditive, Visual and Tactile discrimination. It is all about hearing, seeing and feeling differences and similarities.

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